Eat Yummy Bugs' primary objective is to get people of all ages to at least try bugs, whether they eat them at home or not! And we are great at it! When someone says, "I would never eat a bug!" it's usually just a matter of seconds before they change their mind and enjoy one with us! Bugs are a real food, and eating them can be fun, educational, environmentally friendly, and supports creative thinking towards healthy food systems!

Eat Yummy Bugs is the U.S.'s premier entomophagy education organization. We use the premises of environmental education to create activities targeted for specific age groups. 

We work with all parts of community, including universities, governmental organizations, festival organizers, chefs, farmers, schools, libraries, charities, and private organizations to make entomophagy a healthy topic for the public! We offer creative services for all ages, build fun educational curriculum, agricultural methodology, and develop entomophagy practice across the globe. Most importantly, we cook delicious bugs for family-friendly fun!

Within the entomophagy industry itself, our assistance has come in many forms, including aiding in the development of start-up World Entomophagy as a business to a marketable point; using our network to have affordable (essentially free) web-presences built for "charity" Little Herds (now used almost exclusively for promotional services for Aspire Food Group and Hopper Foods), World Entomophagy etc; and building from scratch an organic-practice cricket farm in Austin, Texas, for a Canadian-based student start-up Aspire Food Group, from an empty 13,000 square foot warehouse! We believe in this industry, and our work in dynamic development of it shows, helping many other organizations along the way.

Eat Yummy Bugs founder Rachael Young is a conservation biologist with a lifetime of agricultural experience from her home state, Vermont. She loves working in entomophagy because it's a dynamic industry with great need for development, and allows her to build community while using her dynamic background.